How to use the main Tennis Jeannie functions

Match Date Update

The Tennis Jeannie setup-a-match tools are provided to help yu arrange your matches; you do not have to use these tools. Player contact details are displayed on your Mail / Contacts list as well as on your Fixture List, so if you prefer you can call or text your opponent to arrange a match. However we do recommend that you update the match card with the scheduled date and time of the match. In this way you confirm the match schdule details to your opponent and you block out the timeslot in your Diary which lets other players know that you have a game arranged on that day.

Open Match Card

Navigate to the appropriate match card by clicking on the match card icon on your Fixture List. matchcardicon

 Match Logistics

Click on the [Change] button on the Match Logistics part of the match card.

Then use the drop down menu tools to fix the agreed date and time.

Then click on the [Update] button.

Jeannie will send confirmation to your opponent as well as add the event into your Diary at status Match Fixed.

 match logistics image
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