How to use the main Tennis Jeannie functions

How to Enter

This help guide applies if your club is making use of the Tennis Jeannie online Entry Forms facility.

Junior players wishing to play in the Ratings Accelerator must enter using the online entry form.


Logon with your chosen username and password


If there is an appropriate tournament accepting entries the red Entry Forms button will be displayed in the middle of the club webpage after you have logged-on.

Note that the entry forms button will not be displayed if you have already entered the tournament.



If the Entry Form button is not displayed go [Leagues] the click [Entry Forms] on the side menu to check your entry status.

If necessary you can send a message to your Tournament Referee by clicking [Mail] then [Contacts]

Select a Tournament

Jeannie will have pre-populated most of the Entry Form with information taken from your user account. You can add further information in the text box provided.

Click on the Add to Order Form button

You can add multiple tournament entries to your order form.

 add to order form button

Finally click on the red Check-Out button.

 check-out button
If there is a charge for entering the tournaments you will be taken to the Sage Pay / Barclays Merchant Services secure website to process your card payment.

What happens next

You will receive email confirmation of your entry and the start date of the tournament. You will not be able to view your opponent list until the box league round has been moved to "Open" status.

You will receive email notification when the round is "Open".

You can check your tournment entry status by clicking on [Leagues]; then [Entry Forms] on the side menu.

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