How to use the main Tennis Jeannie functions

How to Register

There are two ways to register with Tennis Jeannie:

1) Use the Find-a-Club tool to navigate to a Tennis Jeannie club in your area then click Regiser Now on Club webpage.

2) Click Register Now on the Tennis Jeannie Home webpage

In the first case you select the Tennis Jeannie club you wish to join and then inform Jeannie of home venue.

In the second case you inform Jeannie of your Home Venue and then select a Tennis Jeannie club linked to that venue.

Find a Club

You will see the Find-a-Club button on the top menu.

Select your area of the UK

Jeannie will display a list of the Tennis Jeannie supported clubs in your area.

Select a club and then click on the red Register Now button on the Club Page.

If you have selected a tennis club you will be taken directly to the Registration Forms.

If you are a Junior player and have selected a Tennis Jeannie Singles League virtual club you will first have to inform Jeannie where you normally play your tennis using the mapping tool. Instructions are displayed on the "Select your Home Venue" webpages.


  register now.3

Finally complete the player registration form.

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