How to use the main Tennis Jeannie functions

Fixture List

Your opponent names and contact details are displayed on your personalised Fixture List. To view your Fixture List logon with your username and password then click on the Arrange-a-Game menu option.

Select Fixture List - Singles on the side menu.

Navigate to Fixture List

 Jeannie will take you to the screen version of your Fixture List as shown below. 

NOTE: Your name will not appear on your screen Fixture List; this is a list of your Opponents.

Please be assured that when your opponents logon to Tennis Jeannie they will be able to view your contact details.

 Screen Fixture List

Print Fixture List

Click the [Print Fixture List] button to run off a hard copy of your personalised fixture list. Your opponent contact details will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

 Find a Date

Click the red [Find a Date] button to search for a mutually convenient date for a match. See the Find a Date Help Guide.

Contact Card


Click on an opponent name or the telephone icon on your screen fixture list. Jeannie will display an onscreen contact card for the selected opponent. You can also send messages to your opponent from the contact card.

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