How to use the main Tennis Jeannie functions

How to Guides

This section of the website is designed to help players get the most from the Tennis Jeannie service.

On the side menu to the left you will find options that explain: how to register; how to find opponent contact details and how to enter match results.

How to Arrange Matches

You can simply call or text your opponents. Contact details are printed on your Fixture List and are available on the pop-up contact screens. You can also send messages to opponents via the player contact screens. If you arrange your match off line we recommend that you add the details to the match card under "Match Date Update" so that the scheduled match date is confirmed to your opponent.

The real power of Tennis Jeannie is in helping you to arrange your matches. It is well worth the investment of a few minutes at the start of a box league round to setup your Tennis Jeannie Diary.

Think of your Diary as a means to advertise when you would like to play and to define the dates times when you definetly can not play.

Having setup your Diary  use Find-a-Date: Jeannie will help you find a mutually convenient date / time for a match with a selected opponent.

Or user Broadcast Match Invite (BMI) to define a date / time when you would like to play and Jeannie will find you an opponent.

More help

On most webpages there are help screens which can be accessed by clicking on the helpicon  icon under the Tennis Jeannie logo.

Don't forget to view the Demo. You do not have to sit through the whole demo in one sitting; there is a lot of information. Rather we suggest you watch the Overview section then return to the demo when you need specific help in say adding a court booking to a match card.

(Please note that some of the screen layouts have changed since the movie was made)

Contact Us

If all else fails click the Contact Us button at the foot of each webpage and send a request to:

      * Jeannie Support if you are having trouble using the Tennis Jeannie service or select

      * Tournament Referee if you have an issue concerning the operation of the tournament.

You can also send messages to your Tournament Referee via Mail / Contacts

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