How to use the main Tennis Jeannie functions

How to Enter a Match Result

Results are submitted via match cards. Jeannie creates a match card for each fixture when the Round is moved to "Open" status. Look for the match card icon as shown opposite.


1) Logon

2) Click Results

3) Click Enter Results on the side menu


You will also find match card icons on your fixture list or by selecting [Leagues] and then clicking on the [Match Card] tab on the side menu.

When you click on the icon the match card displays in a pop-up window.

When you click on the [ENTER Result] button the score panel becomes active.

Enter the match score; check that the "Played Date" is correct and then click the [Submit Result] button.

Jeannie will automatically compute the point allocation and ask you to confirm before updating the league tables and sending confirmation of the result to your opponent.

Enter Walk-over Result

To enter a walk-over result click on the drop down menu that normally reads "Input Result" and select Walkover: Name of Player to be awarded the walk-over


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