Invite other club members to join
your Tennis Jeannie Player Partner list

Build a Partner List

Search for partners by name

Players can search for partners byname. If a player already has an informal network of playing partners they can add the players on to their Partner List without having to go through a search criteria.

Search for partners by profile

Having selected a prefered game type the player can search for potential partners by:

  • Gender
  • Club Rating
  • Age

Tennis Jeannie will return a list of club members who meet the defined criteria. Having reviewed the player profiles the player can select those players to be invited to join the player's Partner List.

Invite to join Partner List

Tennis Jeannie sends messages to the selected club members inviting them to join the player's Partner List. The player is able to add a personal note to the standard invite message. The invite message also includes a link so that the receiving club member can view the sending player's profile.

Should the club member accept the invite Tennis Jeannie gives the club member the option to add the sending player to their Partner List without having to repeat the partner invite process.

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