Singles League for Juniors

The fastest way to improve your Rating

 Entry Fee 12.00


Find opponents for ratings matches

Players are grouped based  on Gender; Rating; Geographic Location and Age.

Box size is dependent upon entries. Typically 4-15 players per box. Play as many or as few matches as is convenient to you.

When are matches played?

You decided when you want to play.

Use your Tennis Jeannie Diary to advertise when you are Available to play.

Where are matches played?

Players decide on Venue.

You can offer to host a match or you may be willing to travel to an away venue. Guest and court hire costs are shared. The home player provides the match balls

How to Arrange a Match

Broadcast Match Invite: you decide on date and time and Jeannie will find you an opponent.

Find-a-Date: you select an opponent and Jeannie will  find a mutually convenient date and time for a match.

Opponent contact details are also published on the website so you can call or text an opponent if you prefer.

Note contact details are only made available to other players in the same box for the duration of the Season.

LTA Results Submission

Results are currently submitted weekly.

Players are notified when results have been uploaded so that you can check your LTA Profile.

Player Promotion

If your LTA Rating changes you will be moved to a new box appropriate to your new Rating.

Player LTA Rating and new entries are reviewed weekly.

Season Dates

Tennis Jeannie Ratings Seasons coincide with the LTA Ratings Run dates.

Players joining at the start of a Season will have 12 weeks to ar

Winter: Jan-Mar

Spring: Apr - Jun

Summer: Jul - Sep

Autumn: Oct - Dec

How to improve your Rating

10.2 - 9.1 Players

You need 4 qualifying wins.

A qualifying win is a win against the player at the same Rating or higher.

8.2 - 7.1

To progress to the next rating level you need 7 qualifying wins with a 60% win / loss ratio.

Learn more about AEGON LTA Ratings

Why Tennis Jeannie Singles League

All match wins are "Qualifying Wins" with respect to LTA Ratings.

All players in your box will have the same Rating.

Every match win is a qualifying win.

If you lose a match you are not penalised.

Time efficient matches

Unlike tournament tennis you, and your family, do not have to give up the whole day.

It is easier to slot your Jeannie Rating matches around your busy schedule.

How to join a Singles League

First you must Register with the appropriate Singles League.

It is Free of Charge to Register.

Click Find-a-Club and use the map to navigate to a Singles League in your area.

>> Select Singles League

>> Select your home Venue

Click on the Register Now button and enter your post code to bring up a list of venues in your area that are linked to the Singles League you want to join.

Complete the Registration form.

1) Log-on

2) Enter the Singles League

Log-on with your chosen username and password.

Then click on the red Entry Forms button that will be displayed in the middle of the screen.

If the red Entry Forms button is not displayed click Leagues then Entry Forms on the side menu.

Late Entries

Players may join a Singles League after the start of the Season.

New entries are allocated to boxes weekly.

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