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Box League matches played.

Riverside Northwood offers a comprehensive box league programme catering for players of all standards.

If you would like to join the box leagues click Register Now and follow the onscreen prompts. If you have already registered logon and click [Leagues].


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Latest Scores

Ladder Singles
Stroud, Nicholas410
Badami, Hassnain630
Nulty, Aaron450
Rollingson, Greg030
Grou, Paul3614
Stroud, Nicholas6012
Stares, Mark120
Nathwani, Rupin660
Moondi, Romminder030
Rollingson, Greg660
Ladies Doubles
Danton-Rees / Rickards020
Pannaman / Griffiths660
Ladies Singles
Devillard, Annick220
Smith, Jane660
Johnson, Deborah7410
Obhrai, Purnima564
Devillard, Annick110
Pannaman, Sue660
Jones, Pat660
Cox, Jacqui210
Mens Doubles
MacFarlane / Vaughan550
Penny / Tynemouth770
Chander / Chander660
Keshani / Quadros430
Mens Singles
Stroud, Nicholas3610
Putt, Simon635
Maltz, Justin4611
Bawden, John639
Kotecha, Mel6310
Kaveh, Nima266
Saunders, Edward7410
Aggarwal, Sahil668
Patel, Ketan660
Hasan, Afaq210
Mixed Doubles
Rowlands / Rowlands679
Patel / Hewitt7511
Murphy / Shaw378
Egan / Morris6610
Waterhouse-Shah / Downing660
Reubin / Saunders330
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