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Welcome to the best run box leagues in Scotland; the match completion rate is never allowed to fall below 80%. Kevin Filmer, your Tournament Referee, makes sure that players are well matched and get to play good competitive games. If you are not serious about playing your matches then do not join this league!

To play in the Edinburgh West League, you must have access to David Lloyd Edinburgh Club.

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Latest Scores

Mixed Doubles
Fairburn / Booth660
McMillan / Jones110
McMillan / Jones400
Yule / Yule660
Fischer-Smith / Lea660
McBeath Smith / Smith010
Brouwers, Melissa660
Oliva, Ian110
Buxton, Mike660
Oliva, Ian240
Tansini, Sergio110
Coghill, Luke 660
Crawford , Euan210
Yule, John660
Flanagan, John660
Gibson, Rod440

lta am approved positive cmyk 195

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