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Box Leagues Restart!

 Dear Competitors,

    The new box leagues are up and running. The box leagues will run from Monday the 16th of January until April the 30th. I look forward to seeing your results coming in. Good luck to all. 



How to find opponents information.

Dear Competitors, 

Please find below some guidelines on how to access your opponents emails and telephone contact numbers as easily as possible. Could all players please ensure they have updated their information in profile section. This will make it easy for everyone to be in contact and hopefully arrange all your matches. 

1. Log into tennis jeannie

2. Click Leagues tab

3. Select Fixture list SGL3

4. Then in the right corner select Print Fixture List

This should open up a separate tab/document which will include contact details for the players. This information is only what has been inputed by the individual and thats why it is vital to keep your information up to date.




Latest Scores

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